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Friday, March 30, 2012

Android custom sound Part II : Advance Volume Control

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Volume Control in Elixir. source: Google play
Android Gingerbread has volume control for ringtone, media, alarm, system volume, and notification. In older version of android we have fewer volume control. My previous galaxy 5 (2.1) has volume control for ringtone, media and notification only. Here we will control the rest sound volume using Elixir app. (or maybe you want to try Elixir 2)

Elixir support android 1.6 and up. Using this app we can control 7 sounds volume easily, such as:
1. Alarm
2. DTMF tones 
     -> sounds used for touch tone dialing
3. Music 
     -> also known as Media volume for music and games
4. Notification 
     -> for sms and other system notification
5. Phone Ring 
     -> for incoming call ring
6. System 
     -> other sound we don't know exactly :P
7. Voice Call 
     -> caller voice volume, which can only be adjusted when using phone call

How To Do it
1. just install the app
2. open it
3. scroll down -> sound, click the detail > and slide the volume bar as you wish


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