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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Android custom sound Part I : Add, Edit and Delete alarm, notification & phone ringtone

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Sometimes we get bored of our phone ringtone and wondering how to add our favorite audio file. Not only the incoming call ringtone but also the notification or alarm. Here's an alternative way to add your own ringtone to your android mobile.

[1] Ringdroid Screenshot. source: google play
1. Install Ringdroid
We need this app to make a directory that will recognize by android system sound. Some features that i like from this app are:
- crop audio file
- save file as phone, notification, alarm ringtone and music. you can also set it as default ringtone
- link to voice recorder

2. Open Audio File
Run Ringdroid and try to open any audio file listed. (see picture[1])

[2] Ringdroid Screenshot. source: google play
3. Edit Audio File [optional]
Crop the audio file as you wish. (see picture[2])

4. Save File As
Save file as phone, notification and alarm (also music if you want) so Ringdroid will make a folder for these ringtone and also add the file to system ringtone list.

5. Check out the new folder in your SD card
Ringdroid will save your audio file in /media/audio/ directory

6. Add audio file manually
Next time you want to add your own audio file just place it manually under the suitable folder. For example if you want to add custom ringtone, place your audio file under /media/audio/ringtones directory. You can also save it with Ringdroid using step 4 :)
*note: try to play the file via file manager and via ringtone preview. sometimes what you heard small will turn out to be loud when set to be ringtone

7. Congratulation! Now android can load your customize ringtone. Try to change your ringtone in Settings > Sound or change ringtone for your morning alarm.

8. Now to delete it... there's 2 cases
  1. if you add the file manually to media folder then you can just manually delete it from file manager or delete it via Ringdroid.
  2. if you add the file via Ringdroid (save it as... ) then you have to delete it from Ringdroid or else the file name still be on system ringtone list.
Okay, that's all for part I. Next on part II: playing with volume


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